Some of my wonderful clients

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Photo Gallery

Some of my favorite people in the world. My clients.

Miss Debbie. Cut and color

She makes me laugh. Great lady. :)

Natural Prom look

When i first got Debbie to take some risk with her color.


Nick AFTER!! Sometimes its better to cut it off guys and line it up!

Mother of the Bride makeup.

Prom BEFORE makeup

Prom AFTER makeup

Prom BEFORE makeup

Prom AFTER makeup

Sample Photo 12

Soft natural looking hi-lites with depth

Brittneys Hi lites and cut with a curly style

Cats blonde and natural copper Hi-lites done in varied sizes to look more natural. LOVE THIS GIRL!

Brittneys hi lites and cut with a straight style with ThermaFuse

Cat showing me her hi lites. She Loves them. :-)

Marthas Hi lites parted in a different spot creates a bolder look

Marthas Hi lites with a veil and done in various sizes creates a softer paneled look.

Natalias Classic Bridal makeup

Nicks line up

Teresas Choclate rasberry color with caramel hi lites

Natural copper base color with blonde on blonde hi lites with a stacked bob on Cindi.

Jackies Rocker Locks color for the season Rich shine black with vibrant red. The cut has long directional layers. Shes FUN!!

Cindi is always a load of fun!

The Jackie

Edging Debbie towards her fall colors.

another view

Marys color and cut with Golden hi lites

Her color looks great in the sunshine

I love this lady. Great conversationalist.